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Manufacturer Davis Furniture
Country USA
Designer Jonathan Prestwich
Year 2020

Expanded polyurethane
Die-cast aluminium


LightWork is a multi-purpose chair that adapts to the user by means of an integrated mechanism under the upholstered seat. Its plastic shell has internal and external components that work together to provide gentle reclining of the backrest while supporting the natural movement of the user. Its simple aesthetic design conceals a complex mechanism enclosed in a few centimetres of thickness. Thanks to its technical expertise, collaboration with reliable suppliers and customer loyalty, for many years Activa has had a close partnership with Davis Furniture, despite the long distance that separates us.


  • Technical drawings of the upholstered seat with details of the internal mechanism

  • 3D detail of the internal mechanism

  • Virtual deformation analyses on the Z axis

  • 3D scan of the first samples to detect aesthetic and technical changes

  • First prototypes with the internal mechanism2
    Manufactured product

  • Manufactured product

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