Not just a method, but our way of being.

From the moment you get in touch with Activa, you will see that we are not just an ordinary engineering firm. Skills gained over the years and the passion of each member of our team render our way of working also our way of being.

Technical consultancy

The success of each product is always linked to the choice of production technologies and materials, which in turn are line with established budgets. At Activa, we oversee every phase of project development and carefully evaluate all decision of successful project completion.

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Market Research
Innovative processes and materials research
Feasibility study of the new concepts
Evaluation of materials and production technologies
Analysis of investment and production costs
Guide in the choice of suppliers
Assistance in putting into production
Assistance in product certification


The passion for our work and our transversal experience in engineering allow us to industrialize products that involve the use of different materials - plastics, metals, woods - pairing them with a wide range of processes and finishes. This allows us to create and provide our customers with two-dimensional and three-dimensional executive drawings aimed at putting them into production, accompanied by all the notes necessary for the correct realization of the various elements.

Materials and processing types

Plastic materials
Traditional injection moulding
Gas injection moulding
Bi-injection moulding
Rotational moulding
Thermoformed moulding
Aluminium and light alloys
Die casting moulding
Low pressure moulding
Shell moulding
Dirt moulding
Precision cast moulding
Metal sintering moulding
Polyurethane materials
Integral polyurethanes
Flexible polyurethane from sheet
Flexible polyurethane from moulding
Rigid polyurethane
Sheet metal: laser cutting, press fold, step mould, deep drawing
Tube: laser cutting, bending, moulding, hydroforming, tapering
Drawn materials
Surface finishes
Chrome plating
Solid wood
Curved plywood
3D wood
Fabrics and leathers for sofas and seats
Office seating nets
Shrink nets
Weaves and ropes
Other materials
Other processes
Laser engraving
Screen printing
Pad printing


As realistic as drawings may be, there is no better method than “seeing and feeling” to evaluate the effectiveness of a project. In our workshop, specialized staff deals with the creation of aesthetic and functional product models, accompanied by their own finishes.

Processing types

Creation of aesthetic and ergonomic models
Realization of functional prototypes
Numerical control processing
Rapid prototyping


A dedicated team can perform an optical scan and bring the final prototype back into a 3D drawing by correcting its defects. Even the most complex shapes can be digitised through this three-dimensional scanning system, allowing detected points to be transformed into parametric surfaces and solids. The scanning system is also used for the dimensional control of initial parts made with the production equipment.

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Detection of complex shapes
Dimensional check of the first produced parts
3D scanning of the prototypes

Virtual analysis

We conduct in-depth virtual simulations, such as structural analysis (FEM) and process analysis (Mold Flow) on the entire model and on the most stressed parts to ensure adequate mechanical strength and product quality. The results can lead to revisions of the model and refinement of the project to meet the requirements required by the current regulations.

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Static analysis
Dynamic analysis
Linear and non-linear analysis
Fatigue verification
Critical load

3D Printing

In the development of a project, the 3D printing is ideal for the creation of scale models and structural prototypes, as speed, reliability and dimensional precision of professional machines are perfect characteristics for easily creating complex geometries.   Activa creates prototypes choosing between two technologies: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) or stereolithography (SLA) depending on the complexity of the design and the final quality required by the project. The first allows the creation of structural components for functional prototypes, while the second creates small resin objects with an excellent surface finish and high definition.

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Creation of miniature product
Creation of 1:1 scale prototype
Structural components
Aesthetic components

Dynamic collaboration

Through this type of collaboration, customers can interface and interact with a highly qualified person that will use their transversal skills and a pragmatic approach for the realization of the final product. This agreement also allows customers to enjoy a wide range of services and develop an ongoing, direct and secure relationship with us, in order to optimize operations at any time and level.

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